For more than 20 years the company has been focusing mainly on the ground of finances and investment, inside its broad spectrum including the following factors:

- Creation of a new investment which in an appropriate manner would provide
   a response to current market demands;
- Co-investments with other entities;
- Import and commerce;
- Development activities;
- Investment and financial consulting.
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Using our knowledge, experience and motivation which is omni-present we intend to realize well-considered investments, which will allow for further, systematic and stable grow of our business. Through the innovative company's policy and the full engagement of our personnel, we wish to positively influence long-term operation of enterprises and markets, as well as the whole society. Looking ahead, we want to choose yet unequalled goals, which on one hand will be new milestones in the history of our achievements, and on the other hand a certificate of company's participation in shaping the Polish and the European reality.

As the world of business and everyday values becomes more complex, we gradually expand complexity of our services. The purpose of our existence is to improve activities and quality of life of the present market participants. We do so by basing our actions on global patterns and highest possible standards.
Wiater Paweł - Chairman (born in 1974)
He finished his few years of education in Economical Schools in England. As an outstanding student he received a proposal from the Arab Emirates Investment Fund for taking part in the experimental, international group of young businessmen who shall initiate new undertakings in China. During his stay in Asia, he set up a furniture factory, manufacturing with application of the latest "METRO" technology, from the scratch. Today it is the leading furniture provider, selling its goods to i.e. IKEA as well as bakeries and food industry companies or hospitals.
Upon his return to Poland he bought shares in F I G Sp. z o.o. He currently acts as the President of the Board of Management.

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The company is being made by people. It is their knowledge, professionalism and commitment that are the foundation of resilient company development. Therefore, FIG Sp. z o.o. pays particular attention to the high level of its workers competence. Our specialists create the investment process at its every stage, leaving a mark of the highest quality on it. Many years of experience, high organisational culture and full identification both with goals and with the current activities of the company underpin the success of FINANCE & INVESTMENT GROUP.
  • The richness of the offer - our ability to reach out to the future is conducive to the creation of new and bold investment. The trend of omitting the standards often makes our projects pioneering.

  • Individualism - our activities always concentrate on individual needs of target costumers. Therefore we are able to create the product which is fully fitted to their preferences. Meeting the costumer expectations is a fundamental principle of gaining his loyalty.

  • Innovation - innovation and the philosophy of constant improving is our way of building competitive advantage.
The strategy of our company is based on five pillars:
  • Customer care - the source of the quality of every product and service, the man, with all his conditions, is always creator and perpetrator of the quality level. At the same time, the man as a costumer is the final judge, who passes a sentence in the form of personal satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a priority, which has no exceptions.

  • Professionalism - the responsibility for developing, implementing and achieving the desired goals rest not only on the management, but also on all employees, who, independently of occupied position, perform their duties in a diligent and professional manner. A combination of maturity and knowledge of workers, responsiveness to current market needs and constant proceeding towards excellence, guarantee a systematic and stable development of our company.
TRUST trade company    
ALPHA bodyguard      
3zone   Ultra Power offer:
  • Functional and clever way of interiors furnishing;
  • A wide range of multifunctional solutions tailored to customer's individual needs;
  • High quality;
  • A broad variety of services, which ensures the originality of products.
Ultra Power Polska - Polish producer and distributor, which operates in the industry branches of shop equipping, food sections, bakeries, etc. The quality of their products and professional customer service contributed to the fact that the Ultra Power Polska Company has gained powerful trading partners abroad: Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania, and Germany. The Company has developed its own logistic facilities. Cyclic delivery of the goods to the company's warehouse guarantees the constant availability of the products. As a result, the recipient receives the goods within 48 hours from the time of order. The assortment is supplied via a courier service, the fact which guarantees timeliness of supply.


PHARMA drive   comprehensiveness of services, the pharmacies will be accompanied by ATMs operating on the basis of a similar system.

Because the time, just like health, is the most precious.

The project involves development of a chain of pharmacies for people who value their time, comfort and safety. The drive-through pharmacies will be adapted to a comprehensive service of customers who remain inside their cars. Such a solution, in addition to the convenience and efficiency of purchase, eliminates direct contact with the sick. Furthermore, it significantly contributes to lowering the operational costs of a pharmacy, which affects the level of prices of the offered products.

PHARMA DRIVE, as a modular space, will not be located in busy and overcrowded city centers. The priority in selecting the most suitable location will be the comfort and safety of access. With due regard to the

TRUST trade company  
  • Continually actualized knowledge of the Asian and American realities through cooperation with commercial offices;
  • Multidimensional, conscientiously tended business contacts;
  • Stable financial background, which emerges from FIG Financial Investments Group membership.
TRUST Trade Company specializes in the active search of attractive offers related to the import and export activities. The long-term company's cooperation with markets around the world, mainly with Asia, North and South America and East Europe - contributed to the development of company's high position in the field of multidimensional and effective import-export transactions.

The company's assets:
  • Many years of experience;
  • Co-operators fluently using foreign languages and having knowledge of the cultural and mental diversities of particular countries;

ALPHA bodyguard   The offer is based on two pillars:
  • Permanent protection: based on twenty-four-hour security of a person being subject of protection and enabling effective intervention in case of emergency.
  • Emergency protection: based on occasional protection, e.g. during business meetings, negotiations, travels, presentations.
ALPHA Bodyguard is a response to the growing marker demand for the personal protection services. The company's offer has been prepared on the basis of individual needs and expectations of customers, with the utmost attention to professionalism and discretion of proposed solutions.
In the scope of companies services there are:
  • Comprehensive protection of people, including Children Safe and Business Safe policies;
  • The drawing up of risk factor analysis for companies, institutions and individuals;
  • Preparing security plans.
  • Import of atypical models - market novelties;
  • New cars at attractive prices, imported from the USA and from the United Arab Emirates;
  • Second hand cars, imported from Europe, the USA and from the United Arab Emirates.
Car4u states for the number of services which are designed for customers who value their time and who entrust the most important purchase decisions into the hand of professionals. The company offers reliable service in the selection and purchase of luxury cars. Based on many years of experience and on the always up-to-date analysis of the market, the enterprise contributes to ensure costumers with the sense of comfort and certainty regarding the transaction. While realizing its orders, the company also takes into account individual expectations, tastes and financial capabilities of each of the counterparties.

The offer of the company includes:
  • Manufactured on demand, luxury vehicles;

3zone   The company pays particular attention to the safety of the client and of the transaction. It also guarantees confidentiality, protection of personal data and contract secrecy.  
VaBanque is a stable company with solid financial background, which supports the economic development of enterprises and individual clients.

The VaBanque range of services consists of:
  • Cash loans;
  • Lease takeovers;
  • Loans takeovers;
  • Promoting investment;
  • Tax advice;
  • Personal finances managing.

  • We used roof truss of the highest quality (dried spruce wood with whittled four sides), which will be covered with engobe coated ceramic roofing-tiles!
  • In our houses we apply window wood-work and the front door of the highest quality, made from the solid wood- Meranti Mahogany.
TOSCANIA - TERRACED HOUSES located in Racul near Zielona Góra at Rodła Street. The ongoing closed housing estate (9 houses) of terraced houses with an excellent access to the centre of Zielona Góra and located in the residential neighborhood of low buildings is a very good alternative for people who value the spirit of accommodation in peace and quiet and comfort combined with quick access to the city center.


  • Due to the use of binding joints made from glued laminated wood of high quality we obtained the possibility to eliminate pillars.

ŻYTNIA - dom rodzinny   We offer flats with surfaces of 69,0m2 to 76,1m2 with the possibility of combining, which allows obtaining the surface 150m2. The building will be fenced and protected against unauthorized entry.  
We offer the sales of real estates located in Zielona Góra, together with a building permit and a complete construction design. For those interested, a business plan of the above-mentioned investment has been prepared together with visualizations and a marketing plan.

Brief description of the investment:
The ŻYTNIA - HOME building, located in the residential district of Zielona Góra in Żytnia 3 street. The four-storey building, with an excellent access to the centre of Zielona Góra and located in the residential neighborhood of low development is a very good alternative for people who value the spirit of accommodation in peace and quiet and comfort combined with quick access to the city center.

3zone   The economic potential of small business is enormous and thence the FIG board took the idea to launch activities aimed to exploit the opportunity.
3zone - logistic center
3zone - logistic center
Looking ahead, FIG Sp. z o.o. is already thinking about its future projects, which on one hand will constitute the new milestones in the history of our achievements, and on the other hand a certificate of company's participation in shaping the Polish and European reality.

The project, which promotes the development of small business (so called incubators) in areas of special economic zones - KSSSE. As in case of THE ONE, in the project design there is an option of multiplier based on know-how which has been prepared by the Company. The idea of the project is the accumulation of small business in locations which have been especially assigned for this purpose - economical zones.

3zone - logistic center
mum&me   Spectrum of clinic actions covers all the issues of bringing a new family member into being and relate to the period of 12 months before and after the birth of the child. Its target market is the whole area of Poland and the German cities which are located within a radius of 150 kilometres from the border - including Berlin. It poses high investment challenges, with which only the investor with imagination can cope.  
Looking ahead, FIG Sp. z o.o. is already thinking about its future projects, which on one hand will constitute the new milestones in the history of our achievements, and on the other hand a certificate of company's participation in shaping the Polish and European reality.

The Gynaecological and Obstetrical Specialized Clinic located in Gorzów Wielkopolski. According to the above mentioned strategy the company under the name of "2B" Sp. z o.o. was founded, which is now the owner of the land and which is engaged with the gradual implementation of this project. It is an investment of a scale which looks ahead far beyond the standards and framework of Polish health care reality. In the west of Poland there are currently no clinics comparable to the proposed investment in terms of quality and complexity of offered services.
2B - mum and me localisation
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P N G   The foundation of PNG Sp. z o.o. was concentrated on the promotion of solutions for filling niches in the real estate market. The company's idea is the target multiplication of the product in the cities the population of which varies between 100 to 200 thousand inhabitants. The brand which represents the product communicates the message of long term prestige, comfort and safety.  
PNG Sp. z o.o. is a Polish and Dutch capital of knowledge, experience and passion to create projects which are worthy of the XXI century. The participation of international investors has guaranteed the implementation of western standards and experience in the realization of outstanding architectural objects.

Current activities of the company focus on the realization of a prestigious investment which is called THE ONE. This project is connected to the construction of unique complex of apartments located in the heart of Gorzów Wielkopolski. As part of the investment, 27 luxury apartments and additional well-developed facilities will be also co-created.

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PHARMA drive   Va Banque  

New FIG office in Jakarta...

JAKARTAIn may 2009 we opened new F I G office in Indonesia.
Contact: Menara Prima 24th floor Mega Kuningan,
Jl. Lingkar Luar Mega Kuningan,
Jakarta 12910, Indonesia.

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FINANCE & INVESTMENT GROUP is a company being created by people. It is their knowledge, professionalism and commitment that are the foundation of resilient development and also are conducive to build a sustainable competitive advantage. The fact that the company derives from the new epicentre of globalization, which is a fast growing market of the United Arab Emirates, makes it a kind of limitless wealth of knowledge and capital. The main purpose of the company is the realization of profitable investment activities in the markets of Europe and Asia.

The part of FIG that is present on the Polish market consists of a group of educated and ambitious businessmen operating under the name of FIG Sp. z o.o. Based upon the set example of the world leaders and the possibility of economic synergy with the entrepreneurial core of the company, FIG Sp. z o.o. obtained favourable conditions to achieve its extraordinary goals. An additional advantage is the company's creativity and lack of fear of going beyond the prevailing standards.
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